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Finally ... spring has arrived and Poolside Shop is ready for spring and for you. We have a great variety of ladies, men’s, children’s clothing and swim wear. We have introduced some new clothing labels like Bench, Fila, Neon Buddha, Imperial Motion, Rhythm, Custo, Lavand and Signal. We also have new jewellery and accessory lines from Pottery Lane, Passion, Karley Smith, Kareri and more! Our swim selection is truly at its best for the season and our experienced staff are always happy to help you find that perfect suit.   Read more

The Game Golf originated from a game played on the coast of Scotland during the 15th century. Golfers would hit a pebble instead of a ball around the sand dunes using a stick or club. After 1750, golf evolved into the sport as we recognize it today. In 1774, Edinburgh golfers wrote the first standardized rules for the game of golf.   Read more

The golf shops are brimming with new apparel and we are very excited about the fresh colors for 2011. We have introduced a couple of new golf lines to the Riverside Golf shop, Puma and Cross, in both men and ladies styles . These lines bring a real pop of color to the shop. Also new for the 2011 season we have brought in a grouping of plus sizes for the ladies from the Nancy Lopez line. Take a look at to see all the new styles and colours for the ladies this season.   Read more

Our new offering at Mountainside Golf Course is definitely a departure from the usual links food. We’ve gone Asian after 5pm and there's nothing better than playing 18 holes and then sitting down to some green onion cakes and ginger beef.   Read more

Believe it or not, summer is fast approaching. As we all prepare for the summer season and try on our summer clothes, we look down to realize that our legs are as white as our shorts! Although we’ve all heard that vitamin D from the sun is good for us, too much can be dangerous, so what’s a girl to do? How about try a self tanner. The Natural Springs Spa has just brought in a popular line from Europe called St. Tropez. This line has gradual tanners, makeup type bronzers and everything in between.   Read more

Easter weekend at Fairmont Hot Springs is the place to be! The weather forecast is calling for the best golfing weather we'veve had this year and all 3 golf courses are in excellent spring condition! There will be all sorts of Easter eggs on the golf course but instead of fancy patterns they will have the words “Taylormade” and “Titleist” on them!   Read more

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