Another Day in the Office? I don't think so!

Another Day in the Office? I don't think so!


This blog post is purely dedicated to sharing my amazing kayaking experience with you, but before that I thought it would be appropriate to share with you just who I am! My name is Cherise, I am the new Social Media & Marketing Coordinator here at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Originally from White Rock, British Columbia I have spent the last few years travelling the world and am overjoyed to be calling Fairmont my new home! I’ll be the one posting blogs, writing on twitter, answering your questions on Facebook and sharing photos on Instagram!

Still settling into my new position here at Fairmont Hot Springs, I had a lovely visitor come into my office a few days ago, Michelle (BC Rockies Adventures Manager) who came and asked me if I wanted to go on a kayaking tour with her so I could experience first-hand what is was all about! Having never kayaked before there was no hesitation (although a few butterflies) to sign up for a tour the following day.

The BC Rockies team couldn’t have been better. All the staff were so informative and really care about your questions, concerns and safety. The tour is about 2 hours and takes you down the Columbia River. Floating along the gorgeous Riverside golf course, it gives you the opportuinty to watch and wave to golfers as you float by. The scenery is breathtaking, being nestled in between the mountains feels like something out of a painting, seeing wildlife from busy woodpeckers to ginormous white tail deer along the river bank, it is all so beautiful! Although the water was quite high and the current heavy, I wasn’t worried about falling out once! The key is ‘stay loose at the hips!’

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, a new experience or even a bit of a challenge I definitely recommend joining the BC Rockies team for a kayak tour! They provide everything you need for a great trip and would love to have you!

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