Sometimes my job gets tough and this was definitely one of those days. I was asked to help out with a new treatment being offered at our Natural Springs Spa - I repeat, I have a very tough job. The Natural Springs Spa is happy to announce they are adding a new treatment to their repertoire: The Orly Gel FX System. If you're like me and you're rough on your hands and your polish is constantly chipping off, well you're in luck! This product lasts for up to two weeks and there are an aray of beautiful colours.   Read more

Sure, we all know we need to eat properly, get more sleep, exercise and cut the stress levels in order to optimize our health. But there are many additional simple positive actions to bring into your daily routine that promote good health. Below are ten easy health tips, as recommended by our health and wellness experts at the  Natural Springs Spa to promote well-being and longevity*:   Read more

Believe it or not, summer is fast approaching. As we all prepare for the summer season and try on our summer clothes, we look down to realize that our legs are as white as our shorts! Although we’ve all heard that vitamin D from the sun is good for us, too much can be dangerous, so what’s a girl to do? How about try a self tanner. The Natural Springs Spa has just brought in a popular line from Europe called St. Tropez. This line has gradual tanners, makeup type bronzers and everything in between.   Read more

Well it seems that spring is right around the corner, and in anticipation of that we all start to put away our winter boots and start to think sandals.   Read more

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