It's Father's Day weekend and we all know that Dad's love the BBQ. To honour Dad and his fantastic grilling skills here are five tips to help him perfect the meat.  *Tips from Avenue Calgary Have faith in your butcher   Read more

With the arrival of the sun and nice warm weather, our thoughts turn to patios, picnics and barbecues. With that in mind, it can often be difficult to decide on which wine to have and going to the local liquor store doesn’t really help either. There are so many different choices that it can be overwhelming when you first walk in.   Read more

Our new offering at Mountainside Golf Course is definitely a departure from the usual links food. We’ve gone Asian after 5pm and there's nothing better than playing 18 holes and then sitting down to some green onion cakes and ginger beef.   Read more

Spring is usually the time to get back into shape, to lose the winter weight still hanging on from a season full of hot chocolate and comfort food but now, with all our dining venues open for the season, this is proving difficult! The Clubhouse and patio at Mountainside Golf Course is open and in addition to its regular menu of deliciousness there is now a Far East Menu, featuring items such as ginger beef, vermicelli bowls and green onion cakes.   Read more

Who said ice was a bad thing? Happy Valentine's Day! We're hosting a fabulous dinner here tonight ... just something to remember when you remember you may have forgotten to book a restaurant ;-) Bring your hot date to our ice bar and try some of our fabulous ice wine!     Read more

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