Scenic Flights

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Scenic FLights

Our local flight tour company, Babin Air, offers spectacular valley and glacier sightseeing tours. Airplanes currently accommodate up to four people, plus one of our experienced pilots. Babin Air also customizes flights which could originate from the Columbia Valley.

Ultimate Alpine Tour – 1 hr Airplane Tour

A one hour sightseeing trip that allows you to view several glaciers to the west of the Columbia River in the Purcell mountain range; including Panorama ski hill and the Bugaboo spires. This flight is subject to good weather conditions.

Cost: $200.00 per person.

Hanging Glacier Tour - 45 min Airplane Tour

A spectacular 45 minute flight that glides over glaciers to the west of the Columbia River in the Purcell Mountain range, including Panorama ski hill and the Lake of the Hanging Glacier. This flight is subject to good weather conditions.

Cost: $150.00 per person.

Valley Fever – 25 min Airplane Tour

Great bang for your buck! Enjoy a 25 minute flight and overlook areas such as Invermere, Fairmont Hot Springs, Radium Hot Springs, the Columbia River, Windermere Lake and many local golf courses in the area.

Cost: $100.00 per person.

Soaring Tours

For many people soaring is a beautiful dream. Silently sharing a column of rising air with the eagles above the breathtaking BC Rockies in a glider, the Invermere Soaring Centre can make this dream come true!

Mountain Flight

Soar above the mountains for 45 - 60 minutes in style! This is our most popular flight. Mountain flights are true soaring flights done in the afternoon when the daytime heating creates the necessary thermals which we use to gain altitude. You can choose the medium performance IS28 or the high performance Duo Discus.

The flight with the IS28 costs $240 per person.

Add 30 minutes to flight in the Duo Discus for $70 per person.

Glacier Flight

When the soaring conditions are truly spectacular, heights of over 12000 feet can be reached. This allows us to travel deep into the mountain ranges where the higher peaks and glaciers are. These flights are not for the fain of heart, with strong thermals and fast climbs, you will enjoy approximately 1.5 hours of the most spectacular mountain views in the Duo Discus. Call ahead for an assessment of weather suitability.

$310 per person.

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